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Major Mentors is a career development program designed to aid both current students and young alumni. Major Mentors creates a unique system where students and recent graduates can solicit career advice from Millsaps alumni who have volunteered to be mentors.

Millsaps College is happy to facilitate alumni and student career development so that all parties have the opportunity to enjoy the widely-recognized benefits that mentoring brings. Mentees are encouraged not to exclusively seek job opportunities as a result of their mentor relationships, but rather to cultivate a relationship with their mentor that enables the mentee to seek guidance, counsel, and professional insight regarding their career field. Mentor volunteers are not required to provide job opportunities for mentees.

The purpose of Major Mentors is to tap into the vast resource of the Millsaps alumni base and create a network for the benefit of both current Millsaps students and recent graduates. If you have any questions regarding your mentoring profile or the mentoring community, please contact To get started, please click on the link that describes your purpose.

NOTE: You must opt-in to the Major Mentor Program to be a mentor and to find a mentor.  Check the "I want to be a mentor" box which is located in the Mentoring Information tab under Update my Profile tab.

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**Remember that job searching is the responsibility of the students and graduates who wish to utilize this network, not the Mentors, and you must always follow the guidelines and restrictions in order to maintain the integrity of the network. This network is one of the tools that can help you to be successful.

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